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The FACTS about PFRS!


Governor Christie continues his misguided practices and attempts to push further reform on the men and woman on the front lines of defense for NJ.  He recently issued an Executive order and added another Trenton commission to provide a detailed study and recommendations on pensions.  NJ currently has individual boards and an investment council for every pension system.  Governor Christie, again, neglects the interests of NJ and continues to add bureaucratic red tape and waste taxpayer monies.  Here are some facts he doesn’t want you to know about the Police and Fire retirement system.
1.  The Police and Fire pension system is sustainable, healthy, and our members contribute the most of all the systems.
2.  We don’t need more actuarial studies, we need the monies being put in the fund to stay in the fund.  Actuaries have been manipulated over the years and standard practices have been argued and challenged time and time again.  I can put a panel of experts together and come up with a different plan for the system.
3.  The 2011 pension reform raised our contributions from 8.5% of salary to 10% of salary.    Those added funds by Firefighters and Police equated to over 50 million dollars.  Those monies were removed from the pension system by the Christie administration.  That is criminal!  We have lobbied the legislature to close this loophole, the bill (A 3310) which was passed with bi-partisan support in the Assembly and Senate sits in Governor Christie’s “pay no mind stack of papers” on his desk.
4.  Governor Christie refuses to meet with the men and woman who rely or will rely on this system.  It is in our best interest, not only as pensioners but as taxpayers, to preserve this system.
5.  Most municipalities do not contribute to Social Security on behalf of Firefighters and Police officers.  That was a standard implemented decades ago, which is a huge savings to taxpayers and a huge loss of a benefit to Firefighters and Police Officers.
6.  Governor Christie was the one who traveled across the country promoting and publicizing his landmark pension reform.  His reform failed and will continue to fail if you allow it to be underfunded and raided.  We lived up to our end of his deal, he has not.  He talks about “no pain no gain” our members have endured the pain and continue to.  While Governor Christie continues to make hollywood videos and travels around the country promoting his national agenda, NJ firefighters continue to stand tall and always ready to respond for our residents in need.


Eddie Donnelly

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An important message to the Citizens of Clifton from FMBA #21

To all Clifton residents and businesses,

FMBA Local # 21 is the only organization that represents Clifton Firefighters here in the city. It has come to our attention that outside venders are using our good name and possibly other firefighter groups to solicit money via phone from our residents.

I write to inform you that Clifton FMBA Local #21 does not use telephone solicitors to request donations.

The only donation request you should receive and consider is the one received in the mail direct from Clifton Firefighters FMBA Local # 21 with a return address of 219 Valley Road Clifton, NJ 07013.



Patrick Cassidy

President FMBA 21

Information below explains how your taxes and pay for Fire and EMS services.



The NJ State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association (NJFMBA) is comprised of over 5,000 active and retired career firefighters, EMS and dispatchers throughout the State of New Jersey. The NJFMBA is dedicated to serving the needs of the public through the highest level of professional service, integrity, and public awareness.

Through these efforts, the NJFMBA has compiled the tax breakdowns for every municipality in New Jersey in order to inform the public how their tax dollars are being spent.

While career fire and EMS departments are available to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days per year, with no ability to strike or shutdown, these departments provide the MOST service for the LEAST amount of tax dollar.

Firefighters contribute 10% of their salaries towards their pensions and pay up to 35% of their insurance premiums. In addition, firefighters are ineligible to collect social security benefits, therefore providing a savings to municipalities by removing that obligation to make Social Security contributions.

Firefighters are not an unsustainable expense to the taxpayers of New Jersey; they are a vital and indispensable service!


Below is information regarding how your taxes and how they pay for Fire and EMS services:

Clifton City, Passaic County: The average property tax per household is $8,771.00tax pie chart

The total amount of tax paid per household for your Local Career Fire and EMS Professionals is: $497.75 ($1.36 per day)

The chart to the right displays how little of your average total taxes paid go to support Fire and EMS professionals who are there for your safety and protection 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days of the year.

  • Other Taxes Including County and Schools: $187,392,721
  • Municipal Taxes: $61,333,533
  • Local Career Fire and EMS Taxes: $15,584,300


For more information and to see how much it costs your for your Fire Department and Ambulance Services, visits www.firefighterfactsnj.org

Don’t Forget To Check Your Smoke Detectors!


Live Audio Feed

The above link is from our live audio feed to Broadcastify.com.

This audio feed will monitor operations for the City of Clifton NJ Fire Department.

Services provided include EMS, Haz-Mat, and Fire Suppression.

Scanned Frequencies:
Dispatch 1- 154.415 Mhz
Dispatch 2- 151.145 Mhz
Fireground 3- 154.340 Mhz
Fireground 4- 154.265 Mhz

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