Help support the Clifton Animal Shelter for a $25,000 make-over! Vote Now!

Hello All,

Please help support the Clifton Animal Shelter. They are currently in the Top 10 on the Purina cat and dog food website for a $25,000 make-over. Voting may take place once per day until March 15th, 2015. Our fire department conducts fund-raisers all year-long for all our furry friends at the Clifton Animal Shelter. Voting only takes about 10 seconds of your time. Please remember that you may vote once a day per computer or wireless device that you own. Thank you!

Go to:

Click where it says, “Real People Helping Cats in Need” Browse Stories & Vote

Click “See the Volunteers”

Click on the “State of New Jersey”

Click “Vote for Liz”

Please vote every day for the shelter to win a 25K makeover!!!!!  They are currently in the 10 ten, and are privileged enough to be the only shelter representing NJ!

This is a direct link to NJ shelters but may not work on all web browsers:


Clifton Animal Shelter

Liz Taranda

Clifton Animal Shelter – New Jersey

I enthusiastically nominate Liz Taranda for Purina’s Volunteer of the Year! A sampling of what Liz does: Interviews, trains and schedules volunteers to clean, feed and socialize our shelter cats twice a day, every day; Oversees all medical and Spay neuter of each cat; Interviews homes to find the best match for each cat; Makes sure we always have the necessary supplies; Seeks out Foster homes when space is tight; Maintains Petfinder and a local TV showcase of adoptable cats; Spearheads much of the annual fundraising so that no cat is denied any extras; Educates the public; She makes every decision from a POV of what’s best for the cat. What she doesn’t do is quit. Liz does all this, for over 10 years now–and does it pleasantly–because she can see the difference she is making; She Is the sort of volunteer that is one in a million.

Stephen Sweeney: Police and Fire Pensions

Stephen Sweeney: Comment about Police and Fire Pensions (PFRS System) during NJ Budget Address during 2015.

Clifton FMBA 21 Scholarship

Attention All Members,

The Annual FMBA 21 Lillain Racz Memorial Scholarship application is available.

Please send your applications in to Mike Turi, Bill Ricci, or Craig Hopkins by April 30, 2015.

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This is the link to the PDF; please “right-click” and “save as” to save file: Scholarship_2015

Condolences to the Grabowski Family

FMBA 21 would like to express condolences on the passing of Clifton Councilman Matthew Grabowski.


North Jersey Article- Clifton Councilman looses battle with cancer

2015 NJFMBA Corporate/Legislative Golf Outing

Attached is the flyer for this year’s FMBA Corporate/Legislative Golf Outing. Thank you in advance for your support. All proceeds from this event will benefit the FMBA Foundation. If you have any questions please contact either Tim Duetsch, Bill Brower, or the State FMBA Office.

Download form here: CORPORATE GOLF FLYER_2015



NJESA Youth Scholarship from State FMBA

This Scholarship was sent out from the NJ State FMBA Office. Please see info below.

NJESA Youth Scholarship Program

Download the application information here!



Mail completed application and all supporting materials to:

NJESA Scholarship Program

96 Vanderburg Road Marlboro, NJ 07746

Phone: 609-695-4444


The scholarship awards, in the amount of $1,500 for first prize and $1,000 for second prize, are available to qualified high school seniors. 

The first place winner from our state is eligible for the national scholarship awards. The ESA Youth Scholarship program awards two college scholarships.The first place national winner receives $7,500 and the second place receives $2,500.

A copy of the requirements and application can also be found on the NJESA website

We are happy to provide this opportunity to two deserving students, and look forward to assisting you in any way. If you have questions, please contact Christine Higgins at 609-695-4444.


Events- Attention all members

Please remember to check the calendar on the right for events that our union supports. Tickets are available free of charge to our membership. Just click on the event and read the notes. It will tell you who to contact and how many tickets are available.

This Friday at 7pm a few tickets are available for the Passaic County Pipes and Drums Beefsteak. Free of charge for our members. This is a benefit your dues are paying for and would suggest you take advantage.

Also two tickets are available for the Clifton Boys and Girls Club Casino Night. This event is on March 20th. Again tickets are free to our members.

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who attended our Annual PBA/FMBA Beefsteak fundraiser. We appreciate seeing all of you and special thanks to those who donated the door prizes. See you again next year!

National Firefighter’s Ski Race 2015 – Gunnison, Colorado

These are some photos of the Clifton Fire Department Ski Team at the National Firefighters Ski Race. This year the event took place in Gunnison Colorado at Crested Butte Mountain. There are some great photos here, so be sure to watch them all!
Photos Courtesy of William Espinoza Jr.

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NJ FMBA Circus

Members see flyer below for the NJ State FMBA Circus. Discounted ticket prices are available. Contact info is on flyer.


NJFMBA CIRCUS PDF File attached here


Congrats Cassidy Family!

Congratulations to Patrick and Jennifer Cassidy on the birth of their baby boy – Colton Patrick!

February 9, 2015

West Orange Saint Patrick’s Day Parade

West Orange St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Attention all members! You are needed to march!




  The West Orange Saint Patrick’s Day Parade is on Sunday March 15, 2015.  We have been invited as a department and a union to march as a group in this parade.  This is a great family event.  The parade starts at 12:00 and proceeds down Main Street in West Orange.  After the parade there are a few parties at the end of the parade route that are family friendly and there are several bars and parties that are great fun for adults.  A few years ago we marched as a department with our families in the Nutley Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.  Everyone had a great time.  I attached a picture of our group in this email.  Please consider marching and you family is welcome to march with us.  We need about 20 members minimum to march.  If you are interested please contact Pat Cassidy or myself ASAP.  Our contact information is below.  Hope to see everyone on March 15th.
Pat Cassidy:
Brian Mulligan
Brian Mulligan


24th Annual FMBA & PBA Beefsteak

Beefsteak 2015

All members spread the word about this event and start making a list for your ticket sales.

Tables are a maximum of 10 each, but you do not have to have a full table to attend!

Contact Jeff Bracken on Engine 4, Platoon 4 for tickets and more info.

Use Police and Firemen’s Retirement System as a model that works!

A Message from the NJ State FMBA Office:

Use Police and Firemen’s Retirement System as a model that works!


I would like to bring some clarity to the extremely confusing make-up of the New Jersey pension system.

The system consists of five separate and distinct parts. In addition to the Police and Fireman’s Retirement System (PFRS), school employees are members of the Teachers Pension and Annuity Fund (TPAF), Troopers are members of the State Police Retirement System (SPRS), judges are members of the Judicial Retirement System (JRS) and all other public employees are members of the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS). Each system has specific funding formulas and retirement benefits.

In 2011, the Legislature enacted Chapter 78, which consisted of reforms to all five parts of the pension system. Among those reforms included higher contributions from employees, reductions to benefits for active and future employees and the elimination of cost-of-living adjustments (COLA).

Another important piece of the legislation was the creation of local and state distinctions between the systems. What that means is firefighters, police, EMTs, dispatchers and other local government employees do not receive funding from the state for their pensions; they rely solely on payments from the employees and their municipalities. Local government budgets fund the employer portion of the system.

Currently, the police and fire (PFRS) system is funded to 77 percent. Actuaries consider 80 percent to be healthy. Since 2010, PFRS members contribute 10 percent of their salary toward their pension, which is an increase from 8.5 percent. No other workers covered by the New Jersey public employee pension system contributes to that level.
Unfortunately, the state has continued its actuarial practice of using the increased contributions of career firefighters and police officers to offset other items in the state budget outside of the pension fund. Last year, more than $54 million of increased employee contributions were pilfered from the PFRS system.

The police and fire pension system’s unique characteristics must be considered. PFRS is funded at a higher level, because municipalities and police and firefighters have been contributing their share. The other four parts of the pension system, however, require the state to contribute to them, but it has continuously shortchanged them.

Local governments are making their payments. If the monies from the system stay in the system and strict funding practices are followed, our system will grow even stronger and healthier without further amendments or restructuring. Why would we restructure part of a system that is working?

It is expected that the Pension and Benefit Study Commission formed by Gov. Christie will recommend further reform. There have been back-room conversations in regard to implementing a 401(K) for current and future members along with other reforms. The PFRS needs to be analyzed separately. The healthiest plan in the system should be carved out, preserved and used as a model for what works. With the distinct differences in the systems, it would be unjust to use a “broad stroke” approach for all funds. Such an approach should not be considered, let alone implemented.

The governor and Legislature should be diligent and demand that before any further changes to public employee pensions are proposed, objective information should be gathered and dialogue with the leaders of the unions representing the pensioners should be conducted.

***Eddie Donnelly is president of the New Jersey State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association, which represents more than 5,000 active and retired career firefighters, EMTs and dispatchers.



NJ Deputy Fire Chiefs Association 2nd Annual Training Seminar

NJ DCA 2nd Annual Training Seminar

See D/C McCarthy for tickets for Clifton Fire Members.