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Clifton Board of Education Employee in Need…

Danny Listmeier is the head custodian at the Clifton High School Annex on Brighton Road. This past week Danny was involved in an awful car accident and family members have set up a GoFundMe page to assist with medical bills and expenses. Below is an excerpt from the Go-Fund-Me page that Danny’s family has created. They update the page daily with information on his recovery progress.

“My cousin, Danny Listmeier, son of Lani (Teacher School 2) and Jerry Pollastro (BOE Maintenance Division), nephew of Cathy (Teacher CHS) and John Burke (Retired Clifton Police LT), (including many other family members and friends to SO many), was in an awful car accident. He sustained many injuries and is currently in the ICU. Tomorrow will be a week since his accident and he is still fighting for his life. He has bleeding on the brain, and many other injuries. Along with prayers and positive thoughts, we are seeking donations for future medical bills and/or expenses that he will endure. He is going to have a long road to recovery but he is a strong person and we are confident he will fight to get well. That being said, we don’t want him to worry about finances for the time being. I can’t explain how much we appreciate all the calls and messages we have received thus far. Danny is DEFINITELY loved. We will try to keep people updated on his progress as much as possible. We thank you for your donation in advance. Every little bit will help.”

-Erin Burke-Saba


Please help by donating at the GoFundMe Page below:

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Video: Clifton pulling for beloved school custodian in a coma
The Clifton community is rallying around Danny Listmeier, a beloved school custodian for the Clifton Annex, who remains in a coma two weeks after a serious motor vehicle accident.